Friday, 2 February 2018

All about me

What do you want to welcome with?
Kia ora, Talofa...
Kia ora I live in glen innes
Who are you?
Name/ Year/ Teachers
My name is Farah. My teacher is Mr Goodwin and I am a year 6.
I enjoy, I like, My favourite
I enjoy doing art. I like sports. My favorite colour is purple and blue.
Sports/ Hobbies
I play, On the weekend,
I play basketball in the weekend. My hobbies are cleaning and washing.
Anything else?

Check your ideas. Are they ok to share with EVERYONE in the world?

Final copy for blog
Write here  Kia ora my name is Farah. I live in Glen innes and I live with my family. My teacher for 2018 is Mr Goodwin also I am 10 and a year 6. I enjoy doing art and I like sports. My favorite colour is purple and blue. One sport that I like is basketball because I play it with my brother in the weekend. My second sport that I like is netball. I only have 1 brother also no sisters. My favorite food that I eat is spaghetti. My hobbies are cleaning the house and washing the dishes.  My favorite subject at school is writing, reading and maths. My interesting place that I go to is the waterfall.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Today we had coding from OMG Tech because Nathan and Makayla came to visit us. They told us about hour of code and about different activities we can do with coding.