Friday, 19 May 2017

Friday, 17 March 2017

year 5 and 6 camp graph

Room 9 and room 10 are trying to find there favorite activity from camp.

year five and six camp

This writing is going to be about year five and six camp.  The year five & six camp was on last Wednesday we did a lot of activities like get lost, kayaking,youth town,killer zone and going to the pools last Friday.Last Thursday it was the camp concert I was in the generals we did for the song we are one.  My favorite part of camp was going kayaking and going to the pools because I was staying dry and I was watching people go on the kayaks also fall out of the kayaks.When the camp group called generals they were going to the pools on a bus.   Thank you Mr Burt for the team four camp and letting team four staying at night because or we would not have camp any more.   I had learned about the year five and six camp to be smart in the future also not to be mean to people.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

All about me

Kia ora my name is Farah and I’m in year 5 at pt england school. My teacher is Mrs Buchanan. My favorite food is apples. My favorite colours are purple and blue. My favorite sports are netball and basketball. My best friends are Hope, Tatia, mamarei and Zaeeda and also Amira .  My favorite teachers are Mrs Buchanan and Mrs King. I am from Fiji.  

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Athletics Day

First thing we did was lining up because on Friday it was Athletics day we had to wear our house colour then we had to go to the court and sit down to listen to Mr Burt our first sport was tug of war.

Our second sport was the high jump Mrs King was teaching us about the high jump that you can’t hit the pole because if you do you will have to go to Mrs Davis to do the easy high jump.

Our third sport was the spiriting we had to be in lines then Mr Burt says that we have to stay in lines until he gives you a number and line up by the lane then you run to the cone and come back to Mr Burt in a line if you come first ,second, third or fourth you have to run again in the finals.

Our fourth sport is disks where you have to throw one and it can’t go out the white line then you have to miss a turn also you have to be careful to not hit or hurt people you have to have your own space before you throw the disks

Our fifth sport was the wheelbarrow race where you have to have a buddy and carry your buddies leg also cheer for them when they are last because you will have to be in different groups and different buddies but the same house color.